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Want to be a Heartbreaker??

Want to join forces with the fastest growing swimwear brand on the globe?
Heartbreaker Swimwear Ambassador program receives thousands of submissions each year. This year we will be selecting a few lucky ladies to join us for the 2019 season. Each ambassador receives discounted bikinis and in turn regularly takes photos for your personal and our social media accounts. The role of a Heartbreaker ambassador is to spread positivity and brand awareness through all social media channels. 

  • Must be 18+
  • Instagram account must be public
  • Message us with a direct url to your Instagram and/or facebook page
  • Tell us why we should choose you to join the Heartbreaker Family
Note: All emails sent from our company end in "" We will never ask for explicit photos nor do we offer free trips. Here are some of the amazing perks of joining our team: 
  • Get invited to exclusive events and get behind-the-scenes at our photoshoots
  • Be the first to know about new bikinis releases and promotions
  • Get your own personal discount and chance to win free merchandise 
  • Earn FREE bikinis
  • Discounts for your friends and family
  • Earn real life brand ambassador and marketing experience